Mobile Presentations

Pottery Presentations with Jeremy South

The Clay Process

A few children from each class can assist to create a second vase on the pottery wheel!  No additional charge! Jeremy has had the opportunity to work with clay for nearly 15 years.  He has grown to truly appreciate the process of creating and molding clay pieces.  In this spirit he has created a presentation that highlights the formation process on the potter’s wheel.  The process of centering and creating a piece is used as a metaphor for the choices we make in our everyday lives.  The presentation typically lasts near an hour.  The piece formed during the session is returned to you to keep.  Jeremy has done these presentations for churches and retreats, but they can be tailored to best fit your group.  

Hands of Peace

A program that combines a team project and a presentation focused on peaceful solutions!  Kids and adults alike will participate in a group demonstration that uses clay to discuss feelings of anger and frustration and what consequences are for our actions.  A group project will include a collage of different peace symbols from around the world.  Everything will be put together to form a large mirror(s). Jeremy will demo a project on the pottery wheel and talk about the relation of putting our hands into productive uses.  The program is about 1 hour long.  Parent or teacher assistance is needed for groups over 30.  It is usually helpful to have an adult for every 10-20 kids.  This is only needed for the projects the kids will complete.


One Shape Formed by Many

A presentation that reminds us of how our social networks and organizations are so important to our lives as human beings.  Our complaining and negativity keep us from making a full impact with our talents. Do we complain and focus on the negative? Does anyone want to be around a negative person? Complete a wheel thrown vase as part of this workshop.

This presentation leads the audience through a journey we can all relate to.  The struggle to grow in life as you wrestle the your faith and values.  It winds you through the centered life to a unique vessel that we are all becoming.  As we are filled what will be poured out to others?  When life seems to crush us how are we remade?  We are all sculpted into living vessels.  Will it be a life of honor or regret?  The vase made will be finished and given to you as a remembrance of the presentation. 


$175  for the first 30-45 minute presentation

Additional presentations $75

Optional: Install mirrors at your site for $10 per mirror added to the program cost.

$5/ participant:  we can also expand both programs to include a small project for everyone including: texture tile, name initial plaque or small pinch pot.

Call Jeremy South at 317-514-8469 or email me at for details and questions

 A mileage fee may be added for visits over 10 miles outside our site.

 Non- profit organizations may qualify for a reduced cost program.