The Art Lab – Teaching Artists

The Art Lab is home to teaching artists who share teaching, working and gallery space. Each have their own unique skills and interests. All of us are excited to share in our love for the arts.

Director and Teaching Artist

Maren Bell



Maren Bell is an artist and teacher at a parochial school in Indianapolis and founded The Art Lab in March of 2012.Maren received her BFA from Miami University of Ohio and MFA from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Teaching Art in the community has been a long time passion and pleasure.

Maren’s recent artwork combines her love of travel and the outdoors and captures solitary views of nature. Follow Maren’s current work at Outdoor Studio.

potterywheel LittleYellowChairOrigional SophiaSquare

Teaching Artists

Jacquelyn Brice

Jacquelyn is an architect in Indianapolis, IN, and was part of the first graduating class of Indiana University’s new Master’s of Architecture program. As part of her studies, she learned to paint and draw from observation. One of her favorite parts of school was traveling to Rome and studying the art and architecture.

Jacquelyn enjoys taking ballet classes and training at a rock climbing gym. She also enjoys playing oboe with local orchestras when the opportunity arises. One of her favorite painting activities in the summer is plein-air painting.

jackie painting

Rebecca Hundley

Rebecca attended Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI and received a degree in art education. Mrs. Hundley has taught in Beech Grove schools and now teaches Jewelry and Intro to Art at Ben Davis High School. In her spare time she enjoys making jewelry, drawing, painting, going to the gym, hiking and working in the community.


Primrose Paul

Primrose Paul is a Kenyan-born artist, writer, and curator currently based in Indianapolis, IN where she is pursuing her BFA with a concentration in painting at the University of Indianapolis. She enjoys fashion and museum visits.

Primrose Paul

 Rich Stolt

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan had two major influences on my life, a unique aesthetic appreciation for the beauty of decay, and the understanding that an art education is essential to all learners.  My first art class was in 10th grade, all other experiences were through learning on my own or with the classroom teacher.  These lack of experiences, later fueled the motivation to make sure that young people would have a more enriched education.  The art lessons that are presented in my room are full of history, science, math, writing, and most importantly art from the prehistoric ages, to the old masters, and contemporary artists of today.  My teaching experience spans over twenty-five years educating at all levels from summer camps, elementary, middle, and high school art and even some college experience.  My primary job for the last twenty-four years is at Allisonville Elementary School where I teach kindergarten through fifth grade art.  Teaching and practicing art go hand in hand for me, modeling to my students and myself that innovative art comes through hard work and determination.  My artwork can be viewed on Facebook as Rich Stolt or and a variety of my classroom lessons can be seen on my YouTube channel