The Art Lab – Teaching Artists

The Art Lab is home to teaching artists who share teaching, working and gallery space. Each have their own unique skills and interests. All of us are excited to share in our love for the arts.

Director and Teaching Artist

Maren Bell


Maren Bell is an artist and teacher at a parochial school in Indianapolis and founded The Art Lab in March of 2012. Maren received her BFA from Miami University of Ohio and MFA from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Teaching Art in the community has been a long time passion and pleasure.

Maren’s art work is exhibited at the Art Lab gallery and Editions Limited in Broad Ripple IN. Maren’s paintings are layered botanical and natural arrangements. The proximity of flora, rocks, branches and animals tell a story about our environment. Maren uses color and shape to create a poetry between abstraction and representation.

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Teaching Artist – Jeremy South

Jeremy is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University with a degree in Art Studio.  My development in clay has led me to give presentations, classes and workshops.  I have been working in the field of clay for the past 15 years.  My commitment to personal attention and simplified instruction has made the classes enjoyable for all ages.    I truly believe that many of us learn more directly through our hands.  Our hands shape the world around us.  We can either build or destroy.  My hope is for all of us to find a constructive way to use our hands.









Deborah Kolp – Teaching Artist


Deborah Kolp received her degree from Watkins College of Art Design & Film, and has also studied at Marian University, and Ball State University. She has been a studio artist and educator for the last twenty years, doing private commissions, group and solo shows as well as homeschooling her own kids off and on. While placing a high value on classical drawing Deborah believes in incorporating expressive and intuitive projects like paint pouring and dramatic lines. Don’t be afraid to make a mess in her classes! Deborah lives in Indianapolis with her husband and children.


Sofiya Inger – Teaching Artist

Sofiya Inger was born in Northern Russian city of Kirov, a place steeped in ancient history, traditions, folk art, and surrounded by magnificent pine forests.

Engaged at early age in visual arts, Sofiya continued her education at Children’s Art School, then at Kirov Art College.

In 1991, after leaving her home country, Sofiya immigrated to United States, first to New York, where she attended Fashion Institute of Technology, then to Indiana, where she taught art at Indianapolis Art Center, Indiana School for the Blind, and Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Sofiya is on the roster of Arts for Learning, with programs for schools, and art camps; she is working with senior citizens at various locations.

Inspired by colors and textures of cloth, and by the beauty of Nature, her work is emotional, inventive, and woven with personal stories.

She exhibits locally and in surrounding states, has paintings in corporate and private collections, including Kinsey Institute of Indiana University, Cummins Engine, and Fairbanks Hospital.

Following ideas of healing, and transformative power of art, Mrs. Inger can successfully work with any group, and help to overcome their challenges, fears, and doubts.

In 2011, Sofiya Inger received first faculty of the year “Skip McKinney award” at Indianapolis Art Center, followed by an immersive installation “Story Dome”.


Rebecca Hundley