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Come gather at The Art Lab with the talented art educators from The Art Lab. Click for artist bios. Build your own art curriculum by choosing options that your children are currently most interested in. All supplies are included, gather your group of eight or more and schedule your sessions by e-mailing or if you would like us to come to you e-mail Don’t have a network of homeschool parents? E-mail us and we will let you know when a group is meeting so you can join in too! Can’t make every session? While we don’t do make up dates we do let you send a sub, so someone can benefit from your class fee or you can receive a credit and wait for the next running Homeschool class.


Group pricing: $600 for four weeks including eight or less children, ($70 for each additional student over eight joining a group.) All materials are provided.

Group times by request. Workshops run for 1.5 hours each for four weeks.  Send your registration request today.

Classical Drawing and Form – Study from the old masters. Learn to shade and create three-dimensional forms. Accomplish one-point perspective and shading basic forms such as spheres and cubes.  This is the birthplace of fine art; learn some of the art history including artists of the classical period.

Advanced Perspective and Form- Move from one point perspective into two and three point perspectives focusing on angles and vanishing points. Create light sources and really make your pictures jump off your paper. *Prerequisite Classical Drawing and Form

The Portrait – Create dynamic portraits. These workshops will focus on facial proportions and shading form. Learn about some influential portrait artists and what makes their work great.

Classical Sculpture The Bust – I can draw a portrait but how do I sculpt one? Follow along with your instructor to model a realistic bust in plasticine. This workshop reinforces facial proportions and form. *Prerequisite The Portrait

All about Color – From Primary to Tertiary and all the color terms and relationships in between this series focuses on color relationships. Experiment with paint and pastels to create works of art that explore subtleties of color.

The Elements – The elements of art are the building blocks to all visual images: line, shape / form, texture, color, value and space / perspective. Each workshop will focus on one of the elements and the multiple ways to incorporate these concepts in to your artwork.

Modern Drawing and Expression – The modern masters thought about color and form in new ways creating never seen before expressions and impressions. Create new works of art inspired by some of these influential artists and utilize previous studies. Follow up at the Indianapolis Museum of Art! *Prerequisite All About Color and The Elements

The Principles – The elements of art are the building blocks while the principles or art teach you how to arrange images into easily read and engaging works of art. Think about: Pattern, Rhythm and Movement, Proportion and Scale, Balance, Unity and Emphasis. This workshop is best for 4th grade and up. *Prerequisite The Elements

Figure Drawing and Comics – Have a child who loves to draw comics. This is a perfect workshop. Creating stories and spatial relationships between words, figures and background is what’s on the agenda. Students will be introduced to correct figure proportions and creating expressions.

Fashion Exploration and Clothing Construction Clothes for Barbie – Shirts, skirts and accessories, this workshop allows fashionistas to design and make special clothes for Barbie as well learn what exactly fashion designers do in the real world. Learn the parts and terms of a clothing pattern and hand-sewing techniques. We’ll also explore the world of fashion / figure drawing and come up with our own line of clothing. Also dye fabric and assemble your own t-shirt dress.

Fiber Arts: Felts, Dying and Papermaking – Natural material can be formed and dyed to create all sorts of works of art. In this workshop we will focus on felt-making, forming wool fibers into cloth, papermaking and dying.

Paper Mache Exploration – Sculpture Sculpture Sculpture! Paper mache can be used to build all types of forms to create masks and imaginary sculpture. Students will build armatures from found objects and papers and cover them with layers of adhesive papers called paper mache. Students will enjoy painting and adding embellishments with this very flexible medium.

Impressionism Unit – Impressionism allowed artists to start thinking of making art in new expressionistic ways. Study the artists, Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir and Cezanne and create paintings inspired by each of these influential artists. Follow up at the Indianapolis Museum of Art!

Asian Art Study – Japan and China – Sumie Painting is all about types of line and immediacy of mark. Let’s look at some traditional Japanese Art and the stories behind the pictures. Create traditional painted forms: branches, bamboo, birds, flowers and dragons. Then, create your own painted masterpiece. Visit ancient China as we talk about ancient tombs and create tomb guardians. Follow up at the Indianapolis Museum of Art!

Printmaking – One, two, three, it’s a print. Learn to create some basic prints that you can share with friends and family. This workshop will cover collagraph, monoprint, stencil and linocut prints. 

History and Clay – Explore clay through the eyes of history.  Create ancient oil lamps, dinosaurs, hieroglyphic tablets and carved vases.  All projects will be created by hand and on the pottery wheel.  Add your own historical information or Jeremy can share with each class. Great for elementary-middle school years. 

Design and Clay – If you have a child interested in art this class gives design principles along with the hands on experience only clay can give.  Design a wall relief, handmade and wheel vase forms, clay tiles and a designer picture frame.  Great for middle school- high school years. 

Claymania – Dive into clay and get a well-rounded approach to all methodology and processes of what it is to work with clay.  Create a variety of projects such as a clay animal, plate, vase and more.  Great for all ages. 

Animals and Clay – Does your child love animals?  Create Elephants, turtles, lizards, owls and more out of clay while learning a little bit about each of the creatures they are making.  Great for all ages.    

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