Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Private and semi-private sessions are available at The Art Lab and taught by local artists.

Looking to try a new art medium, need some help on a personal project or want to do something artistic with a friend?, private lessons are a good option. Sign up for as much time as you need. All materials are provided. Times to be arranged with an instructor.

To best meet everyone’s needs private lesson requests will be taken and scheduled in Fall, Spring and Summer sessions. 

Now taking requests for Spring private lessons March  – May.  You will be connected with an instructor in late February and if you would like we will try and make semi-private lessons available. 

Painting / Drawing 

All lessons have a one hour minimum.

$50/hr *including materials

Semi-Private Lessons

(1-2 students) $40/hr per participant *including materials

(3-4 students) $30/hr per participant *including materials

(5-10 students) $25/hr per participant *including materials

For quotes for parties over six participants of to schedule drawing or painting lessons e-mail Maren Bell at or register at the link below.

Pottery Wheel  / Fused Glass

All lessons have a 2 hour minimum.

$65/hr *including materials

(2 students) $50/hr per participant *including materials

(3-6 students) $35/hr per participant *including materials kids pottery wheel for banner 2

Contact Jeremy South, 317-514-8469 or or register at the link below.


Personal pottery wheel lessonswheel 2

delivered to your doorstep
Ever want to learn how to work on the pottery wheel but cant find the time to drive to a class week after week?  Now you can have everything delivered to your doorstep including your finished pottery!  Receive detailed instructions to gain a better understanding of the pottery wheel, various glazes and techniques.  No experience necessary.  Jeremy will take each lesson with a personal walk through the wheel.  Practice each and every technique, step and learn how to better work on the pottery wheel.  Your ability to learn a basic and detailed approach to successfully creating your own work on the pottery wheel is guaranteed.  I will guarantee you will be able to create at the very least basic form on the pottery wheel by the end of the lessons if you follow the steps outlined in the class.  If you are not able to on your own create items by the end of the classes I will give you a free lesson.  You choose the path you would like to pursue either individually, semi-private or as a group.  Perfect for those who would like to supplement learning in school where personal time may be difficult to come by.  Great for families who want to do a class together in the comfort of our studio or at home.
What you receive:wheel
Personal classes delivered to you in 2 hour time slots.  Clay, glazes and detailed instruction that can move you into a learning mode for the pottery wheel.  Potential pottery wheel rental for accelerated learning.  Delivery and pickup of all finished work including the pottery wheel.  You even receive firing and glazes, including some specialty glazes and information on how they work.  Extra clay, glazes and materials are all able to be used at your home as part of the rental fee.  You only need to decide which way best suits you and/or family or friends.  You can split a rental with friends if you like.
Listed below are the different programs you can sign-up for based on what you think fits best for you.
6 week accelerated learning:
(program can be prorated on a weekly basis if needed)Beer Stein Mug
Designed for anyone who would like to learn the pottery wheel most thoroughly within the shortest period of time.   Great for individuals or families/friends/groups
6 week accelerated lessons at 2 hours each (time set by instructor and participant)
6 week wheel rental for personal or family use
unlimited clay, glaze and use of kiln given each class or as needed
delivery/ pickup of all finished work weekly delivered to your doorstep
Total cost of all listed is $1200 individual for the 6 weeks
Total cost of all listed is $900 each for two participants for the 6 weeks
Total cost of all listed is $600 each for three to four participants for the 6 weeks
This program is best suited for 1 to 4 participants.  With more than 4 participants it is recommended to work out a longer potential class period.  The longer class period will be priced at the same rate of $600 a person.
Additional weeks can be arranged based on a prorated amount.  Pottery wheel rental included but must be one per household.  Share a wheel with a participant and you can each save $100.  Please ask for details.  

One time experience learning:476284_431471106944973_578815943_o

 at your home

Designed for anyone who would like to give the pottery wheel or fused glass a try and to experience it individually or with family and friends.  
You will receive 2 guaranteed projects each along withfused glass flower about half your time on the wheel and the other half glazing and learning from others.  1 to 4 participants are usually 2 hour blocks.  More than 4 participants will be worked out individually.
Total cost per student is as follows:ceramicparty2
1 person participating is $200 for a 2 hour session
2 participants participating is $125 a student for a 2 hour session
3-4 participants participating is $80 a student for a two hour session
More than 4 students participating is $75 a student for a 3 hour session or time arranged glass 1
Refer others who sign-up and receive up to $50 a student for each referral who signs up for the pottery wheel program.  Please ask for details.