Adult Art Parties

Adult Parties

Painting Party : Two hour block $225 / 10 participants, additional participants are $22 each up to 16 guests

*includes wine glass or plate painting

Mosaic Party: Two hour block $250 / 10 participants, additional participants are $23 each up to 16 guests

Pottery Party: Two hour block $275 / 10 participants, additional participants are $23 each up to 16 guests  (an additional instructor is hired to work with participants individually on the pottery wheel, local delivery and firing included).

Adults let us help you plan a creative event for friends, business or your birthday! We’ll work with you to plan a unique two hour experience. An Art Lab artist will demonstrate and assist in art making activities and everyone will leave with a piece of art work they have made during their visit, unless specified for kiln fire. This is a great event for a mid-day luncheon or dinner party.

Beginner? Don’t worry your instructor will break the steps to making a beautiful piece of art while allowing room for you to be creative and leave with a one of a kind artwork.

During Covid-19 we are hosting either Zoom Parties or can set up an outside group party at your home. Tables and stools can be provided as well as all art materials.

Fill out an event request form to book your party.

Questions:  Maren Bell or 317-340-3469

Party Themes

Mosaic Flower Pots – Nature lovers, create something as beautiful as the plants that grow.  Party members will design and create a tiled mosaic.  Element of art that will be introduced are contrasting colors, pattern and unity.

10351377_663220840436664_8197358972989128941_n mosaic01 SpringFlowerMosaic
mosaiccat coasters2 mosaicframeadult


Coasters or Frames – Make your very own cut mosaic coasters or pots using colorful glass, millefiori and mirror tiles. Pots incorporate broken pottery and glass fragments. Create 1-2 geometric designed coasters or 1 more advanced coaster with shape designs or a flower pot. Use glass snips, glue and grout to construct these beautiful useful pieces of art. Everything included in price. No experience needed. (pots and frames reserve 2.5 hours)

Paint It Step by Step – Work with an artist to pick a canvas that your group will follow along and paint. From Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Family Trees or famous monuments. We’ll help you pick something to fit your occasion.

Examples of Paint it Step by Step; however we would be happy to create something just for you!:

flowers flowers2 sunset Train
Roses adult19 monumentcircle flowercanvas
Lion snowmanornament flowerpainting cats


adultartpartymonument painting party

Art Lab Mobile can take the party to you!

Wine Glass with Tags or Plate Painting – Using glass paint that once dried and baked for 40 minutes are permanent and dishwasher safe paint an one of a kind wine glass or mandala inspired plate. This workshop will provide some interesting pattern directions, painting techniques and all the materials to make a beautiful functional work of art.


Playing in Clay – Learn some basic hand- building techniques like slab or coil building and attaching clay.  Create a medium coil planter, clay vase or mug that will be glazed during your party and a bowl on the pottery wheel. Allow 3-4  weeks for firing. Items may be picked up after at The Art Lab or by the party host.


Coil planters or vase and wheel

Clay stein and wheel

Clay picture frame and wheel

Clay bird feeders and wheel

See something else you want to try, let us know!