Zoom Parties

Zoom Painting Party

Choose from any children, teen or adult painting party option. Listed at children’s parties, adult parties. Organize participants and then fill out an event request form, for a painting meet-up using the meeting place platform Zoom. Meet your instructor from The Art Lab online and virtually respond to your friends and instructor from your own home. Parties can be booked in thirty- minute intervals based on age. (guests can be added at any time)


Cost for unlimited guests:

30 minutes $45 (recommended 6 and under)

60 minutes $90 (recommended 6-12yrs)

90 minutes $135 (recommended adult / teen)


Before your party:

Send an e-mail with your meeting time and login information sent to you from The Art Lab. Participants can open the meeting from their e-mail by downloading and opening in their browser.

Order your individual party supplies from the shopping list below. (order from Dick Blick or other online art catalog)

Acrylic paint (paint pots will work well for younger children)

Paint brushes in various sizes. One should be a round #4-6 brush.

Water bowl

Paper towels


Canvas size of your choice, recommended 9 x 12” for 30-60 minutes 11 x 14” for 90 minutes


On the day of your party set up your workspace.

Join your zoom party from the link e-mailed to you to you at your designated party time.

Follow along and share your progress. Relax. Laugh. Have fun!


Lion spiderman



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