Host site in Carmel allows The Art Lab to stay in the District!

Mid May The Art Lab will be pivoting the way it does business for the duration of the next year.  Given the uncertainty of the economic climate, we have made a decision to work on our partnerships with other businesses in The Carmel Art and Design District.

The Art Lab is a long partner with the city of Carmel. They reached out to district merchants to help find a space for The Art Lab . Will Wood, with Cat Theatre, graciously offered to step in and help and give our artists a temporary home. Please show your appreciation with a like on their Facebook page!

The artists at The Art Lab look forward to giving back to The Cat, and will be designing the set for their next show Disney’s Descendants. You will see some of our new programming reflects The Cat’s production.

Thank you all for your support during this time. We look forward to trying new things and growing in our connections and talents!

Maren Bell and the teaching artists at The Art Lab