Community Event Requests

The Art Lab LOVES to go out into the community and provide enriching art experiences to others, we ENJOY community building at schools, parks and in neighborhoods and providing unique experiences to CREATE ART!

Listed are our options for public events; however, we are happy to help accommodate another request.

Interested in booking an event? Complete an event request form and we’ll get back to you soon.

Public Event Costs:

$250 – 1-3 hours ($50 each additional hour)

So, why do we, The Art Lab, need to charge a fee for public art events?, aren’t public events great advertising? We believe it is right to pay our professional artists who are giving of their time and talents. We also want to provide quality art experiences with only the best art materials  like clay, watercolor, collage materials and other items which may not be accessible everyday and that all costs money. We provide these experiences at heavily reduced costs compared to our regular per person workshop fees; this is because we want to be apart of your community, meet, talk and create with you.

Magnet Men / Women

Pick out your own magnet man or woman body and collage a unique one of a kind work of art that can be showcased on your very own fridge!


Mini Canvases 

Create small 4″ collage canvas with hangers. Choose from a variety of collage materials, paint, stencils and embellishments. Get an introduction on materials and have fun creating. (groups of 50 or less)

minicanvasSpoon Puppets

Similar to Magnet Men / Women these little guys can get dressed up and put on a play. These little artworks are a little more three dimensional and their expressions are draw on to create some dramatic personalities.

Spoon Puppets2 - Harrison Center Spoon Puppets3 857083_410595795699171_1022820347_o

Recycled Robots

Turn tin cans or toilet paper rolls into robots with buttons and levers. This is a perfect event for Earth day or to discuss reducing and reusing.

Big Car recycled robots NESCO Festival Spades Park 

Tape Mural Installations

Tape Murals are collaborative works of art created from an artists linear drawing, a skyline or city, passerby’s  are asked to add elements to their imagined community. It is something created together. The images below are constructions started from the skyline of Indianapolis and green vs. urban spaces in an artist constructed city.


Start Tape Installation

Tape Installations1

 Air Dry Clay Creatures with Watercolor 

This mixed media experience is great for tactile play and the very smallest artists. Create a small mixed media  air dry clay creature which becomes the shape and inspiration for a watercolor painting.

IMG_6964 IMG_6967

Clay Make and Take

Create a small clay sculpture: bird in a nest, pinch pot or animal sculpture. Mixed media materials are incorporated included pipe cleaners, beads, colored sand and/ or craft noodles.