5 star

We just had our daughter’s 7th birthday party here, with 25 other first grade girls. The kids loved it. The teachers really controlled the room. And they all loved the crafts they got to go home with. We were nervous about the large number of kids but it all went incredibly well. Thanks to Maren, etc. (Google)

The Art Lab was a professional, fun and perfect choice for our zoom museum holiday party. Maren was our instructor. She was prepared and enabled those of us, frightened at the very the idea of painting anything, to have a positive experience. Maren assured us that through a medium of our own choice (watercolor, pencil, acrylics, etc.)we would each be able to achieve an interpretation of our chosen work of art. By breaking down the image into layers, colors and shapes Maren enabled everyone to have a satisfying and educational experience. Thank you ART LAB for a wonderful afternoon!! (Google)

The Art Lab has fantastic programs for Girl Scouts! We have so much fun being creative in such a great environment!(Google)

We had my 9 year old’s birthday party today at the Art Lab. We chose the mosaic frames. The girls loved it. Maren is an awesome instructor. I’d recommend this! (Facebook)

Maren was a great instructor! My very first attempt at watercolor and now I am hooked! (Facebook)

The Art Lab offers such fun classes! We have done several of the Girl Scout events and always loved them. (Facebook)

My kids took a Harry Potter camp here and loved it. They produced some really fun art pieces and had a blast doing it. I enjoyed the fact that the kids had a gallery exhibit on the last day so that parents could see what they had done over the course of the week long camp. The instructor was great with my kids. I think we will be back. (Yelp)

D and I took the 4wk class in December.  It was the first for the 3 & 4 yr olds.  The 4 wks were just right for us.  D was the youngest and his skills were not up w/others but it was a small class so the teacher had plenty of time to help.  Julie was great w/him.  It was so good for me, as one of his caregivers, to see what he was ready to learn.  I’ve since purchased a number of items that will help him develop his skills.  He loved being with the others and was soo excited to take home all the great Christmas art projects that he made! We’re looking forward to taking another class this spring.  I would say that you should try it for your little ones or for yourself.  –good to help support this new local art lab! (Yelp)

Great place for art classes in the heart of Carmel. (Google)

 Thank you for all the other positive reviews left for The Art Lab! They are the thank you notes that really help promote what we do and I am so thankful for your business. Maren Bell – Director