Group Scout Programs

Request a workshop for your group of 8 or more.  Siblings and friends are welcome to register as well. Outside of the dates listed, please send an inquiry through our event request link.  All materials are provided. Questions email:

Workshops are held at 1030 South Rangeline Road, Suite 270, Carmel IN 46032. We can visit your site as well with advance notice.

Currently class size is limited to 22 children.

New! Collect all four 2.25 inch fun patches! (Sewing not available until Spring.)

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Acrylic Canvas Painting Still Life

All age

How do you get started with painting? Learn the names of different types of brushes and what types of marks they leave. Discus a famous work of art and what makes it special. Set up your own still life using vases, flowers and more. Follow along with an instructor following basic rules for painting and drawing while having fun with paint. Included in this workshop is a 9 x 12″ or  11 x 14″ painting. (1.5 – 2hr)

Acrylic Canvas My Pet Portrait

All age

Bring a close up photograph of your pet or a favorite stuffed animal from home. Learn to draw your animal by finding simple shapes and lines. Draw your animal step by step with an art teacher on 9 x 12” canvas. Paint in bright colorful acrylics. (1.5 hour 9×12″, 2 hours 11×14″)

9 x 12″ canvas $20.50/participant

11 x 14″ canvas $22.50/ participant


Whimsical Watercolor – Louise Loves Art


Read from the book Louise Loves Art and create an oil pastel drawing of her lovable cat. Paint a drawing in watercolor and create a collage frame for your new work of art. Also create an air dry clay cat face in this workshop. (1.5 hrs)

$20.50 / participant

Watercolor Caricatures

Brownie and up

Pick your favorite characters to draw from Harry Potter to The Disney Descendants. Follow along with an instructor to draw 2-3 caricatures, outline in sharpie and paint in watercolor. This workshop focuses on facial proportions. (1.5 hrs)

$20.50/ participant


Louse Loves Art Cat




Watercolor Caricatures

mosaic frame

Cork Board Frames


Design It! Painted Cork Board Frames

Children love to decorate their bedrooms. Paint a framed cork board in geometric patterns. Kids will be introduced to mosaic design, contrast and rhythm. (collage option available) (1.5 hr)

Daisy and up

$22.50 / participant

Gardens and Flowers

Fairy Garden

All age

Turn a planter of dirt into a magical garden for fairies. Create a house, fence and decorate your garden with accessories made from air-dry clay, craft sticks, gems, pebbles and other assorted materials.  Also, create a small fairy for your garden from synthetic flower petals,  cloth pins, fabrics and more. Girls will plant seeds in their gardens and we will discuss seed care. Troop leaders use this activity toward your gardening badges, badge not included. (1.5hr)

$20.50/ participant


Fraction Mosaics  – S.T.E.A.M. workshop

Brownies and up

Complete a set of two mosaic coaster with colorful  square and triangular ceramic or glass squares. Girls will glue, grout and clean their own coasters to take home. Also, we’ll integrate some hands on math concepts. What fraction, percent and decimal of each color used can be concluded? Examples of symmetry will be introduced. Why Steam? STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)+ Art (Creative Thinking and Problem-solving)= STEAM. Included in the workshop is a fun badge. (1.5hr)

$22.50/ participant

DIY coasters   DIY coaster

Storytelling and Drawing

Comic Artist

Brownies – Senior

Learn about the visual tricks comic artists use to tell stories: showing time, movement through space and drawing figures. Create your own character panel with supporting background images, text and landscape. Ink and color your drawings and share with friends. (1.5hr)

$20.50/ participant

Drawing Badge

Brownie and up

Experiment with skills including shading, perspective and watercolor pencil shading and blending. Set up a still life on a boxed pedestal including flowers, mini bucket and trinkets. Sketch boxed shape in perspective, shade and use foreshortening to draw a bucket container and blend colors within bright flowers. Girls all leave with a watercolor pencil drawing and a fun patch. Badges are not included. (1.5hr)



Scribe with Sumi-e Painting

Brownie and up

Learn two traditions from Japan. Create a three line haiku about something in nature and write it in simple calligraphy lettering. Create a hand painted flower frame using a traditional Sumi-e painting of multi-color flowers. Girls all leave with a frame, poem and fun patch. Badges are not included. (1.5hr)



When Clay Sings – Pottery Badge

Learn some of the history of clay by reading the book When Clay Sings about the functionality and history of clay in the American Southwest. Create a clay storyteller figure made from pinch pots and coils and spin a pot on the pottery wheel. Glaze your creations during this workshop. Pottery will be available for pickup 3-4 weeks after workshop date. (1.75 hrs)

Other Pottery Badge Options: 

Cookie Plates and Mugs on the Wheel

Pinch Pot Animal Bowls and Bowls on the Wheel

Animal Plaques and Bowls on the Wheel

Picture Frames or Name Plaques and Bowls on the Wheel

Clay Sea Turtles and Starfish Bowls

Fairy or Toad Houses and Bowls on the Wheel

Valentine Vases and Heart Plaques

Clay Gingerbread Houses and Ornaments


An additional $60.00 will be added for groups to use the pottery wheel.



Fashion Designer – Barbie Be Anything

All age

Shirts, skirts and accessories, it is time to design and make special clothes for Barbie or 18″ dolls as we’ll learn what exactly fashion designers do in the real world. Create a circle dress and bedazzle with buttons, pockets and trim.  This workshop includes some easy sewing. Bring your favorite doll and let’s go. (1.5hr)

Barbies: $20.50 / participant

18″ Dolls: $22.50 / participant

Americangirl  10367680_709031392522275_5825835871220735508_n

Draw It Out – Fashion Characters

Learn to use tracing paper to draw your favorite fashions from magazines.  Pick and choose your favorite fabrics and glue on your fashion figures. Cut out several figures and arrange them on a background panel. Create a mood board illustrating your fashions, fabric, fabrics and fashion ideas. How do designers and illustrators use mood boards to sell their ideas?

$19/ girl


Funky Mosaic Cork Board Frames or Flower Pots

Daisy and up

A totally fun workshop! Children will love playing with this additive mosaic method. Using a variety of materials, broken plates, game pieces, marbles, glass shapes, toys, keyboard letters and more! create a up-cycled, one of a kind and quirky and beautiful art work.  Included in this fee is a fun badge. (1.5hr)

$22.50 / participant

 mosaic2 mosaicframe1 IMG_1444


Mixed Media Jewelry

Learn some of the tools of jewelry making including how to use pliers, snips, jump rings and beads. Then create mini works of collage art on dominos, washers painted with alcohol inks and a charm bracelet. Add beads, wire, charms and little stickers. You’ll have all the skills you need to continue making simple jewelry for all your friends and family. (1 hr)


mixedmediajewelry1 mixedmediajewelry2 mixedmediajewelry4mixedmediajewelry3

Journey Related

Stuffies – It’s Your Story

Brownies – Senior

Create a make believe soft sculpture creature out of recycled sweaters, buttons, embroidery floss and fabric scraps. Think about what makes you happy and incorporate this into your creature. Tell a story about your life and put a smile on someone’s face. Simple sewing on easy to sew fabrics will be incorporated. (1.5hr)


stuffies1 stuffies2


Sew Sew Sew, Happy Holidays

Brownie / Junior

Sew a simple stocking on the sewing machine and embellish with embroidery, fabric, fringe and jingle bells as well as decorate a holiday headband. Also enjoy some hot chocolate as you stay warm inside The Art Lab. Make these items for yourself or give a gift made by hand. Included in the fee is a fun badge. (1.5hr)



Barbie or 18″ Doll Holiday Event

All ages

Design and create a holiday ensemble for your doll. We’ll take you step by step though the process of sewing together a simple holiday dress that can be bedazzled with festive buttons, lace or jewels.  Also included in this workshop is matching model magic jewelry for you and your doll. (1.5hr)

$20.50 / participant – Barbie

$22.50 / participant – 18″ dolls

Pumpkin Creatures

All ages

Turn an ordinary pumpkin into a princess, an animal, a monster, a superhero or your own unique creation. We’ll turn colored pumpkins into any of these things using colored modeling clay, yarn, pipe cleaners, felt, tooth picks, papers and paints.  Put your pumpkins on display in front of your home just in time for Halloween! Included is this workshop is an Art Lab fun patch. (1.5hr)

$20.50 / participant


Environmental Mixed Media Paintings

All age

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was extremely successful painter and architect, who throughout his career, was interested in a humane environment that was close to nature. Celebrate Earth day at The Art Lab! Create a 11” x 14” canvas board painting of flowers in the style of Hundertwasser that incorporate recycled materials such as C-D’s, bottle caps and cut paper towel tubes. These mixed media paintings will be painted in colorful acrylic paints. (1.5hr)


paint2 paint3 paint4

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